History of Ubersreik

Ubersreik is a free town of medium size, situated on the river Teufel a little downstream from the Grey Mountains. The town sits astride an important bridge where the road from Bogenhafen to Dunkelburg crosses the river, and trade flows along the road as well as downriver to Auerwalk, Grunburg and eventual Altdor. In the mountains to the South East is the recently founded small dwarven hold of Karak Azgaraz.

Ubersreik has a troubled past. The town did not fair well during the Great War Against Chaos as it was attacked multiple times on various fronts. A Chaos cult had gained root in its community and began to dismantle Ubersreik from within. Greenskins came down from the mountains and besieged the town for many months. Legends also tell of the time when the town was attacked by a mysterious form of ratmen that spread pestilence and disease.

After the defeat of the Chaos forces in Ubersreik, the Emperor of the time, Magnus the Pious, commissioned a generous sum of money to rebuild Ubersriek. One of the first buildings built was a huge temple devoted to Sigmar. This temple is now known as Magus’s Tower. Numerous dwarves from the Grey Mountains came down to help during this time of construction, and much of Ubersreik’s architecture is dwarven in nature. Because of their influence, there is rumored to be a vast, dwarven treasure hidden within the walls, stone and undercity of Ubersreik.

After the reconstruction of Ubersreik, many of the dwarven builders decided to settle in town and now there exists a thriving dwarf community. In recent years the number of dwarves in Ubersreik have also grown due to trade with Karak Azgaraz. It is because of the large population of dwarfs, elves are seldom welcomed, and will find themselves constantly harassed while in town. Outsides the walls of Ubersreik, many elves, particularly wood elves, have lost their lives during their travels.

Ubersreik is a large hub of trade within the Empire. There are trades routes from Ubersreik to almost every large city in the Reik, including Bretonia. Prospectors, hunters, adventurers and merchants all use the town as a base of operations and as a result Ubersriek has a large and increasingly powerful middle class.

Until recently the ruling family, the Von Jungfreuds, governed Ubersreik. However, a dispute over a silver mine between the Von Jungfreuds and the crown went poorly for Ubersriek. As a result Ubersreik was granted free status, however rumor suggests the Emperor may revoke Ubersreik’s right to a free state and decide to place an appointed overlord in charge. This would be an unwanted result by many in town specifically because of the negative impact to business. (More involvement with the crown means higher tariffs and less authority.) In an attempt to prevent this from occurring and a potential disruption of trade, the noble families were pressured by the merchant class to force the Von Jungfreuds out of power. While the Von Jungfreuds eventually did resign it may not have been fast enough for the crown. Although the Von Jungfreuds remain a wealthy family in Ubersreik, they did lose much power and influence. Hoping to divert disaster and keep Ubersreik a free state, the three most prominent noble families, the Acschaffenbergs, the Von Holzenauers, and the Von Saponatheims, are positioning themselves with the Emperor, the merchants and the people to prove their candidacy for the position. The Von Brunner’s, another noble family interested in Ubersreik leadership, has recently been discredited as having associations with a Chaos cult outside of city. (This may or may not be true, but the rumors have had detrimental affect)

History of Ubersreik

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